MedicalTravel Aid for Tumbler Ridge Residents

Have you had to go for medical appointments to Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Prince George or Vancouver? Did you know that if you are financially challenged that there is Hope Air for which you might qualify. Transportation by plane is provided ?free? except for a $50 charge. Did you know that if you are a Cancer patient going to Edmonton that if the Westin Hotel has rooms available you can get free accommodation? The Westin has indicated that it might consider other health cases besides cancer on a per individual basis. Did you know that if you are travelling to Vancouver that you can go by bus from Prince George to Vancouver for $40 return? Did you know that the Tumbler Ridge Shuttle Bus goes on Thursdays to Dawson Creek for free. The trick here is to get your appointments on Thursday. Did you know that you can claim your hotel costs and meal and travel costs on your income tax if you travel more than a certain number of miles and, guess what, I believe that all our trips qualify. Did you know that you can send a perky e-mail to a patient in the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton? Did you know that there is a Red Book that is put out in Vancouver. The hard copy is $70. Much of it is Vancouver orientated but there is definitely some province-wide information.

Medical Travel Aid Booklets are available at the counselling office and the medical centre?s office for you to take and use. Write in it; use the sheet protector to put your information about doctors, hospitals, etc. You might find there is more information than you need; however, you will not have much to do on your way to your appointment so you will have something to read!! Some things you might not need but you never know when a friend or relative might need some of this information and you will do them a great service and provide information. DON?T THROW IT OUT. After you are finished with it and do not need it anymore, please return it to the clinic?s office or the counselling office. I can recycle any parts of it especially the duotang.

Only one hospital in Vancouver and one in Edmonton are fully printed in these booklets. On the internet there is specific hospital information ready to be printed out. Get a friend or call Ellen at 242-5283 for a copy if you do not have the internet. The web site is

Any feedback is appreciated and definitely contributions of any information is important to help others.

There are magnetic business cards with emergency/doctor/ counselling/pharmacy numbers on it and magnetic business cards with the dino helps web site address. Those are for taking.

Thanks to PRIS for all its help in creating the web page. Thanks to Lakeview Credit Union for supplying pens. Thanks to Barton Insurance for supplying ICBC car garbage bags. Thanks to Russ Webb and Lucille Jacobsen for their advice on contents and presentation. The Red Book is acknowledged for allowing us to use their web site.

If you might have something that would assist persons going to appointments I would be happy to include anything. For example, I may be getting magnetic calendars – a very useful item. Joke books, crossword puzzles, decks of cards, etc. would come in handy. When you are waiting in the surgical waiting room for your child to be out of open heart surgery at 8:00 to whatever on a Sunday night anything is helpful besides the old magazines in the waiting room. Usually this waiting room doesn?t have a TV – you must be quiet and there is always the chapel right next to the room. Anything that could help distract you from the long wait is great.

I may have missed identifying copyrighted material and, if so, I hope I will be able to obtain permission for anything that would be helpful to residents who just love to escape Tumbler Ridge for any reason.

Remember – Let Dino Help you on your trip for medical reasons.

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