Meet the Business Community

Northern Lights College is a great place to learn, whether you looking to obtain your GED or First Aid, this is the place where you can achieve your goals.

The college offers Adult Basic Education, as well as many industrial training courses. These programs have continual intake, so anytime is a great time to start. The college also offers Continuing Education courses throughout the year. The wonderful staff will be there to help you with your educational goals, from enrollment to graduation.

Mark Meunier is the principal of our local college. He is also the principal in both Hudson Hope and Chetwynd (where he lives). Mark has worked for the college on and off for the last ten years. He started off as a seasonal instructor, and became the principal in August. Mark and his wife have been married for 23 years, and have two kids, Michelle 14, and Tony 16. The birth of his children and his marriage are very memorable to him. He feels that the completion of his Bachelors of Education was his most outstanding achievement. Old timer?s hockey, the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce and bonding with his children, are Mark?s hobbies and interests. He would like to be part of more community organizations, but says that everyone needs to sleep. Being able to travel and see the different communities is one of the highlights of his job. The future is full of promise for Mark; he is currently attending the University of Victory to obtain his Masters of Administration, which he will finish in 2006.

Jan Legaspi is the Campus Secretary. She has lived in town for ten years and been with the college for six of those. She is looking forward to the holidays, and says ?It means food, family and friends to me?. Jan?s favorite hobby is jogging, so she doesn?t have to worry about eating holiday sweets. She has also competed in our local Emperor?s Challenge, and considers it to be a memorable achievement. Her fear of heights has kept her from doing anything death defying, but Jan does plan on traveling in her future. Where? She says ?everywhere and anywhere would be just fine.? The most challenging aspect of her job is the limited resources she has to work with. When she sees the students achieve their goals it makes her feel that her hard work has really paid off. Completing her Bachelors of Business Administration, with a focus on human resources is the next step in Jan?s career. This isn?t a surprise since one of the most exciting things in her life is her own personal development.

Roxanne Fowlow is the Relief Admin Clerk at the college. She and her husband Garland have two children Christopher 15, and Candace 10. They have lived here for 10 years. Roxanne was born in Newfoundland and misses her home, but says it would be even harder to leave here, and the life that she has made. Not only does she spend time helping students get enrolled and on their way in the college. Roxanne also owns her own Temp Service here in town, and is the treasurer for the New Life Assembly Church. The Fowlow family is heading to Grande Prairie during this holiday season to spend time with Garland?s brother and sister. Snowmobiling on Roman Mountain with her husband and son was a breathtaking adventure for Roxanne. The next things on her list of fearless activities to do are skydiving and parasailing. Having already overcome breast cancer in her life, Roxanne knows that nothing can hold her back from achieving her goals.

The college plans on expansion in many different areas. Everyone would like to see Tumbler Ridge have its own administration in town. As well as added resources to be able to put on more trades programs. Right now there are around 30 students attending the college, with hopes that the future is headed towards a significant increase in that number. The college is planning on offering new courses in 2006. The administration staff from the Tumbler Ridge Northern Lights College wishes our community all the best for the holiday season.