Meet the Business Community

Many people probably know Carmen Pegg. She moved here in December of 1987 when she had landed a job with the Bullmoose Mine. She had moved from Dawson Creek, and says since that day she has never had an urge to live anywhere else.

Carmen and Jason have twin girls, Rachel and Jazlyn. They are seven years old, and are involved in swimming and skating. The apples didn?t fall far from this tree, as Carmen Curls, and golf?s. ?I would like to become more of an avid golfer? she told me. She said that she was ?blessed with two?, when talking about her girls. ?I probably wouldn?t have had another one, instead I got two in one shot,? she had told me. Carmen enjoys spending time with her family, and is preparing to find more time off to do just that.

When I asked Carmen where she would like to go traveling. She answered ?Everywhere!? She has already been to Mexico, California, and she went across Canada when she was young. Last September she took her two girls to Disneyland. While the town is growing Carmen would love to see more amenities, but most of all more local activities being offered. Her favorite thing about town is that ?I can leave at my tee time, and still make my tee time.?

The Bottle Return Center (not recycling center) was opened by Carmen in October of 2003. She enjoys her work, and encourages local organizations to do more bottle drives. ?There is room for at least one bottle drive a month in this town? and would like everyone to know that she is willing to come in late, or extend her hours to compensate business. She said that there is no majority of types of bottles returned, but she can see when a certain type of juice or pop was on sale a few weeks before.

Recently there have been two new additions to the Bottle Depot. Sheilah Cullen has recently started there, and is ready to do the best job possible. Sheilah, her husband and son, plus their two dogs all moved here three years ago. I asked why? She said that they had sold their business and were looking for a change. So they got in the car and went for a drive. They had heard of Tumbler Ridge before, but had never been here. She said ?the view was so beautiful, and the town so relaxed, that we had to move here.?

The other new addition consists of a new business venture.


Located: Unit F ? 107 Commercial Park

Coveralls – $3.75 (GST included)

Insulates – $4.82 (GST included)

Load of work clothes – $10.70 (GST included)

Cash only, with receipts available. Also there is sewing and repairs available upon request. Phone 242-0091 for anymore information, or stop by 9-2 Monday to Friday, 10-3 Saturday.