Meet the Museum Day

Please consider this invitation to join us on Saturday 27 January in the Tumbler Ridge Public Library for what we hope will be an exciting and action-packed day, called ?Meet the Museum?, in which we will host events of various kinds, from dinosaur-related activities for kids in the morning, to the official opening by Mayor Caisley of the Tumbler Ridge Sports Hall of Fame, to another Rock and Fossil Road Show, a summary of our achievements and goals, and presentations by our palaeontogists on our uniquely exciting dinosaur discoveries.

Lisa Buckley will be speaking twice on the Tumbler Ridge dinosaur discoveries: a longer talk in the afternoon geared more towards kids and their parents, and a synopsis in the evening prior to the long-anticipated address by Rich McCrea on the Kakwa trackways. These palaeontologists have been performing the first research at the remote, vertical and magnificent Kakwa dinosaur footprint site at the request of BC Parks for the past two summers, in extreme climatic and physical conditions. This will be the first report to the public on this remarkable site within Kakwa Provincial Park, south of Tumbler Ridge.

There will be refreshments, door prizes, souvenirs on sale, a membership table, and exhibits from the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre.

Please join us and share in the tangible passion and excitement as we celebrate these discoveries and approach our goals.

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and Tumbler Ridge Public Library

invite you to the


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tumbler Ridge Public Library

10:30am – 12:00pm Morning Activities for Children (in conjunction with Family Literacy Day)

12:00pm Tables for Rock and Fossil Road Show open

1:00 pm – 1:15pm Opening of the T.R.M.F. Sports Hall of Fame by Mayor Caisley (downstairs in the Community Centre)

1:20 pm Introduction of the Peace Region Museum of Natural History Project

1:30pm – 2:00pm ?Tumbler Ridge Dinosaurs? by Lisa G. Buckley

2:00pm – 3:00pm Rock and Fossil Road Show


7:00 pm – 7:10pm ?TRMF Achievements and Goals? by Charles Helm

7:10pm – 7:40pm ?History of Tumbler Ridge Dinosaur finds? by Lisa Buckley

7:40pm – 8:30pm ?Dinosaur tracks from Kakwa Provincial Park? by Richard T. McCrea