Midgets play in Dawson Creek

The so-called ?House league? Midgets hit the road to compete in a ?B? division tournament in the Multiplex City of Dawson Creek. The Multiplex should be open in 11 months from now.

The boys started out dropping a 7-2 decision to a team from Ft Saskatchewan, AB. ?The thing is, we are just not a morning team?, discovered coach Keith Bertrand. ?We played Saturday at 8 am and Sunday at 7:30 am. That?s one thing we learned this weekend.?

The team dropped a 6-4 decision to the tournament host Dawson Creek entry. ?That was our best game?, noted the reticent Jordan Stanek. ?Those guys would be the eventual winners, and it was only a 2 goal difference?.

Our guys went on to lose the last two games to visitors from Quesnel. ?Chris was out standing in goal once again?, observed the rookie coach Bertrand. ?He?s a first year player and continues to dazzle his Pat Royian-like play. This was a good learning experience for the whole team. We are getting stronger as we go along, and are looking forward to our home tournament on February 11 and 12″. Goal scorers for the weekend included Jordan Pittman, Justin Pouliot, Justin McQueen, and Jordan Stanek.