Mineral Resources Education Program British Columbia

The Mineral Resources Education Program of British Columbia (MREPBC) is a partnership program between teachers and the minerals industry in B.C. that encourages and promotes learning about geosciences, mineral resources and mining in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

MREPBC?s goals are to foster a well-informed public through school education based on accurate and balanced minerals information, and to stimulate young peoples? interest in minerals industry careers. MREPBC is the mineral exploration and mining industry?s school program for BC..

At the heart of this school program is a suite of teacher-written materials that were developed to help teach mining-related topics where there are opportunities to do so according to the provincial curriculum.

MREPBC resources include:

* K-3 Kids and Rocks: Geology and Its Impact on Our World

* Grade 5 Integrated Resource Unit on Mining

* Science of Mining Resource Unit (Secondary Science)

* Social Studies Grade 10/11: Mining in B.C.

* Earth Science: Grade 11/Geology; Grade 12/ Resources & Ideas

These classroom materials are assembled as kits with lessons AV materials, posters, books and rock and mineral samples, and are provided to teachers in communities across the province through instructional workshops presented by MREPBC teacher-partners.

MREPBC collaborates with all industry associations including, mining operations, related government agencies, related post-secondary programs, and many public outreach organizations around the province to help connect teachers and students to the people who make up the broad minerals industry.

MREPBC initiatives include geology and mining field trips for teachers, field trip travel subsidies for geology or mining field trips for classes, and support for and integration of students and teachers in industry conferences (e.g. Mineral Exploration Roundup, Kamloops Exploration Group, CIM, Minerals North, Minerals South).

MREPBC keeps teachers and students informed of new resources and new learning opportunities through its tri-annual newsletter, and an up-to-date educational web site http://www.bcminerals.ca/

Our History

This outstanding school program began in 1991 and operated for three years with seed money provided by the Mining Association of BC to develop the first classroom resources.

Since 1994 the BC minerals industry, including many MABC, MSCCA and AME BC members, professional associations, and individuals, have raised more than $3.7 million dollars for the charity in support of this school program. This support has made it possible for the Mineral Resources Education Program of BC to assist more than 6800 BC teachers who are estimated to have taught more than 560,000 students mining-related topics in their classrooms.