Mining Week 2006

As the Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, it is my great privilege to join my fellow constituents in setting aside this week to mark the importance of mining to our community.

It has been another great year for the mining industry in Tumbler Ridge and throughout our region. Yet it is especially heartening to witness the collaborative efforts of residents, local government and the business community as they continue to build upon the mining sector?s successes, by securing healthy infrastructure and promoting sustainable development.

This community is flourishing with a healthy mix of vibrant industries that includes the mining sector, the future of which was better assured by the recent cancellation of the ?firesale? of Ridley Coal Terminals at the Port of Prince Rupert. In taking this action on his first day in office, Prime Minister Stephen Harper signaled his intent to respond to the interests and opinions held by residents and industry in our region.

I join with you celebrating Mining Week 2006. This week is an opportunity to salute the mining industry for the many benefits it brings to our local communities and for its tremendous contribution to all of Canada.

Congratulations to our mining sector and to the community of Tumbler Ridge!

Jay Hill, MP