Mining Week Recognized by the B.C. Legislative Assembly

VICTORIA – Blair Lekstrom, MLA for Peace River South, rose in the House on Monday to celebrate Mining Week.

?I think we have a good-news story to tell in this province about what mining means to our economy, what it means to the people of this province,? said Blair. ?The value of B.C. mining is estimated to be about $5.6 billion for 2007, which is up from roughly $2.9 billion in 2001.?

Blair spoke to the House about the importance of the province?s land and resource base, as well as the potential for these resources to benefit British Columbians, particularly when used in cooperation with industry, government, communities and the people.

?The environment is always something that?s on everybody?s mind,? said Blair. ?We want to make sure that the children of the future can enjoy the quality of life that we?ve enjoyed. I would encourage British Columbians to look at a reclaimed mine site. I think you?d be quite amazed at what you see out there with the natural beauty that?s maintained after the mining resource has been extracted.?

?Mining actually impacts only .04 percent of the land base in BC, yet the benefit is significant to each and every one of us,? said Blair. ?It is an industry that has meant a great deal to the northeast part of the province, where I?m from, but also to every region of this province. All of us in our day-to-day lives are dependent on the mineral explorations that take place around this province.?

Blair closed his statement by drawing attention to the province?s strong record of environmental sustainability. ?People look to British Columbia for the contributions that government and the mining industry make together on behalf of the people we all represent in these chambers, and I?m very proud to be part of a government and be part of a province that promotes this.?