Mobile Treatment Centers & Safety Consulting Services

Introducing Octane Safety Services

Petroleum Safety Training (PST)

ISN and HSE Registry Website Set Up and Maintenance

Company Safety Program Consultation, Development and Maintenance

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MSDS Binder Development

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Octane Safety Services Ltd. is a Canadian Corporation, which provides health and safety support to remote site operations including oil, gas, land management, construction, mining and industrial projects. In addition, we provide professional experienced safety consulting for all types of businesses. We strive for customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering competitive pricing, modern equipment, qualified and experienced personnel and interactive management.

Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs)


Octane Safety Services is currently working hard as a company to expand in order to accommodate the medical / safety needs in an ever changing oil and gas extraction industry. We understand that our present and potential clients monitor costs and down time is costly. Presently, all MTC?s are current Travelaire models mounted on 2008 & 2009 Dodge Ram 1 ton trucks. A regular fleet service, inspection and maintenance program has been adopted to identify and prevent potential down time which could be costly to not only Octane, but the client as well.

All equipment meets current OH&S regulations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.


All current Octane Safety Services personnel are qualified to work in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Field representatives have been handpicked to ensure customer satisfaction through experience and professionalism in behavioural conduct and daily task execution. Octane Safety Services stands behind all team members and expects nothing less than exceptional performance from each representative while on duty.

Full resumes including all current certifications and required training is available upon request