Monkman Provincial Park

On behalf of the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection ? BC Parks, I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge those who took part in the Cascades Project in Monkman Provincial Park this year. The field work amounted to eight days with twelve people involved. The organizing of a work plan, meetings, logistics, materials, equipment and participants required many more days to ensure all was ready to go. Thanks to Larry White, Murray Smith, and Kevin Sharman for their leadership role in organizing the project. And a special thank you to the volunteers who participated in the trail work.

Doug Foerster, Rosemary Foerster, Earl Wilkerson, Eleanor Wilkerson, Alan Tucker, Kevin Sharman, Dan Cassan, Jason Usher, Garry Doonan, Murray Smith, James Whiddon and Larry White.

A great bunch of people with a desire to make a difference!

Since the days of the Monkman Park Master Plan the Cascades have been mentioned as a destination of particular interest. With the work completed this summer some of those objectives were attended to. It is my hope to continue with this worthwhile project using the enthusiasm and expertise of this dedicated group of volunteers. Donations were gratefully accepted from Talisman and Highland Helicopters in the form of cash and donated flying time, these businesses deserve a big thank you for their support.

It would be prudent at this time to mention Trent Ernst and his efforts for the past two years in keeping Kinuseo Falls campground open and operating for the benefit of tourism and local residents of Tumbler Ridge. Thanks Trent for stepping up when it most counted. Trent was also helped by a host of people from Tumbler Ridge and to those, please accept my gratitude in their efforts at the campground. Trent has now turned over operating of Kinuseo campsite to Dan Cassan and Jason Usher. The change occurred during mid July and by all accounts Dan and Jason are also doing a fine job.

Volunteering is certainly alive and well in Tumbler Ridge, and for Monkman Provincial Park, this generosity has been very fortunate and gratefully received.

Sincere appreciation

Rob Bressett – BC Parks