Monkman Trail Reconstruction

Kreg Alde is a fairly average man with big dreams. His hope to recreate and protect the Monkman Pass route is quite the undertaking. Says Alde, ?I came to know of it through history class in school.? Alde grew up and still resides in Rio Grande, Alberta.

He remembers his father traveling the area in 1977 and Alde joined him for a second time in 2001. Alde says that if the Monkman Pass Route (Highway) gains historical status then the trail will be protected from becoming a road or damaged by industry.

His intention is not to impede the obvious boom that is promising to the Peace area, but to preserve part of its history. He denotes that the route is already within a Provincial park and therefore is already protected to great degree.

Eventually, Alde would like to see a memorial hiking trail through there, symbolic of the original Monkman Pass Highway, which is known to be nearly impossible to be driven through via car.

Alde was simply an interested individual who approached the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) of Tumbler Ridge, to endorse and adopt the motion to put this project through. An executive meeting was called by WNMS to allow Alde to lead the charge.

The funding for this project would be a cooperative between BC and Alberta Governments and industry. Says Alde, ?A lot of backing for the previous approach came from Grande Prairie.?

The first year in a two year plan will be dedicated to trail surveying and will be conducted by Alde and WNMS. They need support from private citizens and companies in this area. WNMS is prepared to be available for anyone wishing to make contact.

The next step is for Alde and WNMS to approach industry and government and get them all working together. The project proposal was submitted in February to BC Parks for approval.

In conclusion, Alde says ?The historic value and importance of the Monkman Pass can be saved, before it?s too late. The tourism potential is huge for Tumbler Ridge.?