Moose Attacks Occupied Police Car


A RCMP officer is resting at home following a run in with a moose early this morning.
Just before 1:00 am, the officer was parked roadside near the corner of 17th Avenue and Juniper Street typing a report from a previous file when he observed two moose crossing the intersection. The officer put his vehicle in gear and attempted to intercept a vehicle traveling towards the animals. 
As the police vehicle neared the animals, the bull moose attacked the police car injuring the officer and causing damage to the car. The moose first broke the front grill and bumper and then stepped on to the vehicle causing dents to the hood and roof and breaking the windshield. Now on the roof, the moose continued to stomp and kick. One of the animal’s hoofs slid off the roof breaking the driver’s side window, striking the officer in the process. The moose continued down the back of the vehicle onto the trunk and eventually off the vehicle.
Both the culprit and accomplice departed the area on hoof.
The officer suffered bruising on his left shoulder but did not require medical attention. He completed his shift and went home to recuperate. A witness to this bizarre event was located and has been spoken to.
The Prince George RCMP would like to use this incident as a reminder to the public to keep a safe distance from wild animals. Although they are likely more scared of people than we are of them, we believe our officer would disagree.