There is still time to register for Dino Camp; as registrations hit the halfway mark, staff at Northern Lights College responded to the demand by adding more camps to the program.

Carolyn Golightly, who manages the 5-day dinosaur theme camp program from the Tumbler Ridge campus, said the demand for the kids? camps outweighed the demand for adult and seniors? camps. ?Our priority is to make sure children can access this program, so we?ve added two of the 2-day mini camps for the 6 to 8 age group, as well as additional Raptor camps and intermediate-level Tyrannosaur camps.?

Rumour has it that Dino Camp is sold out. ?Not yet, says Golightly, ?but we hope to be soon. When in doubt, call the College and ask; cancellations happen. Our camp coordinators from the University of Alberta have arrived in Tumbler Ridge and are right now preparing for a June 28 start date. Our 2004 program can accommodate 200 students and I have every confidence that for many kids, Dino Camp will be the highlight of their summer.?

Janet Proos and Melanie Dame are gearing up for what they expect to be a very active ten weeks. Janet, a third-year palaeontology student, is originally from Ontario and is sofar impressed with the beauty of northern BC. Melanie, having been born and raised in Fort St. John, is especially pleased to have landed an exciting summer job so close to home. Joining these two girls in Dino Camp is trainee Katie Gurnsey, a grade 11 student of Tumbler Ridge Secondary School.

Five children applied for and received bursaries made possible through a donation from the Vancouver Foundation. Other sponsors for the 2004 program include the Mining Association of BC?s Education Program, the Royal BC Museum?s ?Living Landscapes? program and Duke Energy. Online registrations and program details can be found at