$20,000 of provincial funding has been announced to further projects of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF), through the BC150 program in partnership with the Heritage Legacy Fund of BC. The TRMF was one of sixty successful applicants from across the province. This brings the total of BC150 funding for Tumbler Ridge Museum projects to $35,000, and is greatly appreciated.

The funds are destined for three projects: $10,000 is for the purchase of a Champsosaur skeletal mount for the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery (champsosaurs are weird-looking reptiles, and their bones have been found in excavations close to town). $5,000 will go towards the construction of a frame, and associated interpretation in the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery, for a fine theropod dinosaur trackway from south-eastern BC that has been recovered and brought to Tumbler Ridge. The final $5 000 will be devoted to the completion of the TRMF?s Community Centre Exhibits project. An interpretive brochure is being developed that will guide residents and visitors through the twenty-seven permanent exhibits, and each exhibit will have a number sign beside it that corresponds to the text in the brochure.

Dr Charles Helm, Vice President of the TRMF, commented: ?Thanks to BC150 funding and the Heritage Legacy Fund of BC, we have been able to make great strides with our projects, enhancing the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery and putting the finishing touches on the Community Centre exhibits. We plan to host a Grand Opening Ceremony in the Community Centre on Tumbler Ridge?s official birthday in April, to recognize this support and celebrate its results.?