Mother in Waiting

Karen Smith?s reign as Tumbler Ridge?s newest mom is soon to come to an end. One of the contenders for the crown is Mimi Greengrass, who is due near the end of May. She has three words to describe her impending motherhood: ?Scary, scary, scary.?

Part of the problem, says Mimi, is the impending birth. ?Everyone has been telling me horror stories about labour: ?I was in labour for 48 hours.? Nobody ever tells me nice, happy stories.?

More than that, says Mimi, is what happens after labour. ?It?s scary, because you know that you?ll have a life that you are completely responsible for. It?s scary because you hope for health, but you never know.?

But the fear is balanced by a growing sense of excitement. ?Toward the end of pregnancy, I?ve become anxious to see what the baby will look like; who it will look like.?

Mimi says she?s enjoyed the process of being pregnant. ?I like the feeling when the baby moves or kicks, but some days, I just want my body back. I want to be able to balance again.?

And will they be ready when the baby is born? ?We?ve been practicing how to live with no sleep, because I can?t get comfortable. We?re as prepared as we can be, I guess, but you never really are.?