Mother’s Day Tumbler Ridge Style

If Karen Smith is Tumbler Ridge?s newest mom, Carol Light is one of the town?s most seasoned. A relative newcomer to Tumbler Ridge, Carol and her husband Gary moved here two days before Christmas to take ownership of the Sanctuary Valley Ranch. She brought with her Michael and Samantha Hamel, her grandchildren whom they are raising.

?We haven?t had children around the house for 15, maybe 16 years. In some ways it is difficult because we?re older now, and it can be tough to keep up. But we?re both in good health.? And there are certainly benefits to having kids around. ?Children bring so much joy, and the joy is the reward. Besides, being a mom again is fun. I love to cook, and it?s nice to have others to cook for.?

Carol is glad to have made the move to Tumbler from Portland, Oregon. ?The city is not a great place to raise kids, and we?re just enjoying it tremendously out here.?

The worst part of being a mom again, says Carol, is not being able to dote on the two like they can their other grandchildren. ?I can?t spoil them and then send them home, because we have to look after them.?