MP Report: Mining Week 2015

Bob Zimmer, MP, Prince George-Peace River


As the Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, I am pleased to be able to join with you in setting aside this week to celebrate the importance of mining in our community.

As we all know, Canada’s mining industry plays a vital role in our quality of life. In fact, when I was a teenager I worked in Tumbler Ridge and mining has provided many Northeastern BC residents like me with a lifestyle that we know and love.

Mining operations take place in almost every province and territory. Many of the direct and indirect benefits of mining – jobs, training and skills development, new business opportunities, and community development – can be felt throughout our nation. The mining industry also generates revenues for critical social programs like health care and education.

Canada is one of the world’s leading mining nations and has had the largest global share of spending on exploration for non-ferrous minerals every year since 2002. About 380,000 Canadian jobs are in the mining and mineral processing industries. However, there are few regions in Canada where mining has such a significant impact on the local economy than here in our Northeastern BC.

Every day, we use products derived from the mineral resources of the earth. So much so that is it almost impossible to imagine life without the products that come from our mining industry.

Our Conservative Government understands the vital importance of mining to our national economy, which is why in Economic Action Plan 2015 we announced important measures which will help our mining industry continue to grow and develop.

This includes renewing the Targeted Geoscience Initiative, which will help to develop new, in-depth geoscience knowledge to inform the exploration of deeper mineral deposits, extending the 15 per cent Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for flow-through share investors, and affirming our Government’s intention to ensure that the costs associated with undertaking environmental studies and community consultations that are required in order to obtain an exploration permit will be eligible for Canadian Exploration Expense treatment.

Since 2006, our Conservative Government has put in place various measures to enhance innovation, productivity and competitiveness of the mining industry. We are committed to continuing to attract investment, support innovation, open new markets, and improve the regulatory system for major mining projects.

I would like to congratulate the residents of Tumbler Ridge for their hard work, dedication, and adventurous spirit. You have capitalized on the assets that nature has provided to your area and you have created a place that you can be proud to call home.

Congratulations to our mining sector and to the community of Tumbler Ridge!