Mural Brightens Up Fire Hall

The entrance in the fire hall is a lot more welcoming these days. The colourful mural, painted by local artist Joan Zimmer, was completed recently. Fire Chief Dan Golob commissioned Zimmer to create a mural to promote fire prevention. Chief Golob also wanted the mural to be a picture children could relate to and connect with as they come for hall tours.

Sparky the fire dog, who teaches children about fire safety, is prominent in the mural. As you look closer you can see small elements of Tumbler Ridge throughout. Zimmer said she used a personal photograph with the bear cubs in a tree for inspiration. There is also children playing at the playground and the fire hall is in the background. If you look carefully, The Bald Spot is also visible.

Funds allocated for fire safety paid for this mural. It took Zimmer approximately 30 hours to complete this project.