Murray Forest Service Road washes out

150 metres of road have been washed out at km 0.5 at the Murray River FSR . Campers on the far side of the washout were stranded for a few days, accepting the hospitality of the Suncor drill camp at km 18, just up the road past the washout. The industrial community rallied round to aid CNRL, who is primarily responsible for the road, which is classed as ?producer shared.? The designation makes maintenance, repairs and responsibilty the company(s), and not the Ministry of Highways.

Three rock trucks from Suncor, 11 gravel trucks from Tumbler Ridge, two hoes, three cats and a team of ten men are working to restore road conditions. Canfor Chetwynd is supplying the gravel at no charge from their gravel pits. Although CNRL also have a gravel pit, it is not accessible to them at the moment.

As of June 7th the road is passible for single lane industrial traffic and is in pretty bad shape. There is no through access for civilian traffic, and a manned 24 hour barricade is in place. Kinuseo Falls park has a locked gate at the entrance and will be closed until further notice. All traffic at the washout site is radio controlled. For updates on Kinuseo Park and road access please call the Visitor Centre at 242-3123. Although cost is unknown at this point, it is estimated that the figure may reach the $1 million dollar mark.