Murray Trail in Trouble

Parkland Elementary School Grades 6 and 7 teacher, Karl Moser, thought that the Murray Canyon Overlook Interpretive Trail was a wonderful setting to launch his outdoor classroom discussion. One parent?s comment echoed what all thought, ?we appreciate all the volunteer time and effort that has gone into preparing the trail and the brochure.?

What makes this trail a standout among all the others is that it is easily accessible, a simple hike and one is guided through several distinct ecosystems culminating in a breathtaking view of the most beautiful landscape in British Columbia. But learning doesn?t stop at the Overlook. The brochure continues to aid the instructor by describing the geology of the basin and how ice formed the plateaus and valleys. The trail is a wonderful educational tool.

However, it seems that this trail may be in jeopardy of being lost. During the Hike for Hospice new logging makers were discovered. After a short walk along the border, the markers clearly indicated that the trail would be in the centre of this cut block. Calls to forestry, oil and gas and the logging companies have not provided an answer as to who intends to log the area. There is a gravel pit adjacent to the block and the concern is that there may be plans to extend this pit into the Murray Canyon Trail; still, this cannot be confirmed either. Anyone who has information that may shed some light regarding the intended use for this area is encouraged to contact this paper.