The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) has received a grant of $10 000 from BC150 and the British Columbia Museums Association. This follows a TRMF application earlier in the year, and is to be used towards two exciting new exhibits in the Community Centre.

The first of these will interpret and celebrate the creation of Tumbler Ridge, out of what had been a wilderness, in the early 1980s. TRMF is working closely with the District of Tumbler Ridge in bringing this project to fruition, with an anticipated opening date in spring of 2008, to coincide with Tumbler Ridge?s 27th birthday.

The second is an exhibit on Archaeology and First Nations History. This rich history is not well known or recognized. TRMF is partnering with the Tumbler Ridge Circle of Friendship for this project, and will obtain input from archaeologists. The opening is planned to be part of the local Aboriginal Day celebrations on June 21st.

The TRMF is rapidly outgrowing the available space for the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery and the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre in Commercial Park, and a few months ago put forward a draft proposal to the Museum Development Committee for the use of Claude Galibois School as a larger venue for these two facilities. Now that the District of Tumbler Ridge has acquired Claude Galibois School, the Museum Foundation will be submitting a more formal proposal to the District outlining how this space could be utilized, as well as summarizing the other potential funding sources for the costs of renovating the building.

In this regard, the TRMF recently passed the first hurdle in its application for ?Pine Beetle Funding? from Western Diversification. Its expression of interest, entitled ?Augmentation of the TRMF?s Dinosaur Discovery Gallery?, was one of only two from north-eastern BC that were accepted, and referred on to the next level. The required more detailed proposal is now being submitted for this $300 000 project.