Music behind the bands

My Grizfest weekend started out with ?Battle of the Bands? on Friday night. The music was great and the turnout was large. Just watching so many people get up and show us what they have worked on so hard was inspiring. It started to make me wonder what society would be like if we all could be as dedicated to our passions.

Then I headed out early Saturday morning to the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club annual pancake breakfast. I was unsure of what this particular club was. So after some time enjoying the early morning chatter I had a chance to speak with Ed Thiede and Frank Walsh. The question I asked was ?What do all the proceeds go to?? the response I received was uplifting. All proceeds go towards helping our community and charities world wide. They have helped so many people with Diabetes and blindness and much more. The volunteers put a lot of time into raising money to go towards assisting whoever asks for their help. When I had left they had over 300 people stop in and show their support. It was a great way to start my morning.

Next I headed out to the parade judging. Between watching the children?s excitement and the judges going through all the floats, the air was filled with fun. So many local businesses and groups had really gone all out decorating their floats. You had the more basic floats full of laughing kids, right through to the more risky floats showing the good humor of our community. I was especially surprised to see some floats giving away not only candy but roses, balloons and toys. I remember being a child and going to my home towns? local parade, it was so exciting. It is nice to know that I live in a community with so much support towards giving our youth laughter and joy.

The following morning I headed to the Golf Course for the Sunrise Tournament. I spoke with Roy Phillips about the sponsorships and the prizes. Everyone was talking about what a great time they had, and how scrumptious the buffet breakfast was. I didn?t get to see who won the prizes because I was due at another event. So off I headed to the Free Pancake BBQ that was held by Shop Easy. Again all I saw was volunteers happy to be helping, and smiles on everyone?s faces.

I guess what I am trying to get at, is how pleased I was to see our community showing off its spirit to all the visitors in town for Grizfest. Even though I did not attend any of the band performances, I feel like I got to see ?the music behind the bands?.