Musical wrap-up for Arts and Culture Week

More than 100 people gathered on Saturday April 26th room four and five of our Community Centre to enjoy a musical highlight.

The Adult Karaoke Contest, organized by the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (TRCAC), showed once again the abundance of our local talents ? this time in singing.

Seven contestants competed on the stage for the votes of the judges and the audience. The judges were Charissa Tonnesen and Lindsey Vandale. Charmaine Shirley was judge and also the key sound tech person.

The voting criteria were Vocal Ability, Stage Presence, Quality of Performance, Appearance and Crowd Reaction. MC Erin Hanna guided through the evening with her irresistible charm and humor, demonstrating her wit, spontaneity and professionalism. There were two rounds for the performers to show their skills and repertoire. Dan Birchall, Lori Homister, Adam Younge, Carmen Chorney, Troy Dougles, Jeff Lang, and Joe Barker entertained the crowd with a variety of music.

A wide range of songs was presented. Oldies or contemporary, energizing or contemplative, the audience appreciated them all. Tapping feet and clapping hands in the crowd communicated the supportive energy to the singers and inspired them to give their best.

The energy in the room was high and after the contest performance everyone was eager to give the vote to support his or her favorites. While some of the volunteers were busy with the counting there were some more musical talents on the stage; the judges showed their competence through their own performance as singers. Charissa Tonnesen (judge), Lindsey Vandale (judge), Charmaine Shirley (judge and sound tech) and also the hard working Erin Hanna gave their share to entertain the waiting fans and make this evening a memorable experience for everyone.

Finally the winner was chosen. The performance of Adam Younge with the songs ?Home? by Chris Daughtry and ?Dead or Alive? by Bon Jovi was awarded with the firs prize. $500 were donated for this purpose by Northern Lights College Foundation to support the TRCAC in their activities for BC Arts and Culture Week.

TRCAC also received a grant called the William and Mary Wanka Art Promotion for the same purpose.

This event is a prime example for cultural self-sufficiency in a rural community like ours.

TR could stand for ?Together?.

Thank you all!