National Anti-Bullying Day Petition Being Presented To The House of Commons

As of January 29, 2009 over 5, 000 names have been collected from across Canada in support of a national ?Blue Day? in support of the many anti-bullying organizations from across Canada.  Mike Allen, Member of Parliament for Tobique–Mactaquac will has said the ?Blue Day? Petitions could be presented as early as Friday January 30th between 1:00pm ? 1:30pm Atlantic Time. If the case of a delay the petitions will be presented on Monday, February 2nd between 1pm ? 1:30pm.

December 17th was selected due to the fact that the website BullyingCanada.Ca was launched by Rob Frenette, 19, of Woodstock, New Brunswick and Katie Neu, 17 of Kitchener, Ontario.

?I think with having this petition presented today it will make Parliament aware of the issue of bullying and how many Canadian?s see it as a front and center issue.? Said Rob Frenette

?We really hope Ottawa says that it?s worth it to declare December 17th as Blue Day.  We?re not looking for a holiday; we?re looking for the support every person working in anti-bulling needs for their endless work. A little acknowledgement goes a long way.?

?It?s something we launched equally and something that we feel is important because although the concept is simply that everyone can partake in, the meaning of it will have a large impact on all Canadians.? Katie Neu, one of the Founders of

Mike Allen, Member of Parliament for Tobique-Mactaquac said ?I am very pleased to help BullyingCanada.Ca do their work and make the issue of bullying visible by bringing it to the floor of the House of Commons? ?Part of our responsibilities as members of Parliament is to take our constituents? concerns to Ottawa.? Said Allen

Petitions will continue to circulated across Canada for the next several months with numerous presentations being made in the House of Commons about ?Blue Day?