Congratulations to the Canadian Mining Industry! Canada is one of the world?s leading exporters of minerals and metals.

Our country is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the spectacular growth that is occurring in the Asia-Pacific region. Our major West Coast ports are much closer to the main commercial ports of Asia than those of most of the American ports with which we compete. Budget 2007 brings the total federal investment in the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative to $1-billion to ensure that Canada can take advantage of economic opportunities in Asia. Improving our international transportation and trade links will lead to more business opportunities and jobs for British Columbia and for all Canadians.

In Budget 2007, Canada?s Conservative Government also created the Major Projects Management Office to streamline the review of large natural resource projects. With an investment of $60 million over two years, the Government seeks to cut in half the average regulatory review period from four years to about two years, without compromising our regulatory standards.

We in Prince George-Peace River, have a future that just keeps getting brighter each year. Our communities are blessed with high standards of living and qualities of life in large part due to our abundance of natural resources. Through collaborative efforts at all levels of government we must work with private enterprise toward an even more promising future.

The Honourable Jay Hill, P. C., MP