Naturopathic Medicine Week (?NMW?) to Focus on Health Prevention and Wellness

Join naturopathic doctors (NDs) across BC as they participate in a national celebration promoting health, prevention and wellness. ?Naturopathic Medicine Week is an opportunity to focus on our overall health, not just disease treatment,? says Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff, BCNA President. ?Many health initiatives emphasize a particular disease or disease research. This event is about the patient taking responsibility for their own health. NMW is unique.?

One way to support patient wellness is through free medical testing. Many people are unaware that NDs are licensed primary care physicians in BC and that they provide standard diagnostic testing. This program is an opportunity for new patients to find out more about preventive medicine as well as the patient-focussed care NDs provide.

From May 1 to 7, 2006, naturopathic doctors across the province will be providing lectures, hosting community events and providing testing and mini-consultations at their clinics. Some doctors are also hosting free lectures, such as the Saturday, May 6 day-long event at the Vancouver Public Library on Georgia at Homer. Participating doctors will also have general information on naturopathic medicine for free distribution. For a list of doctors, events and contact numbers link to or call the BCNA at 1 800 277 1128.

To obtain licensure as a naturopathic doctor (ND) in British Columbia, a person must have three or four years of pre-medical university study plus graduation from an accredited four-year doctorate program. Training not only includes the same basic sciences a medical doctor receives but also a focus on botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and oriental medicine.

As NDs are primary care physicians, practicing family medicine, they treat a broad range of conditions ranging from common ailments such as cold and flu, food allergies, chronic fatigue, and childhood illnesses, to chronic degenerative conditions such as arthritis, asthma, heart, immune system, digestive and bowel conditions.