NDP Call Motion Hypocritical

Michael Hunter, a leading contender for the federal New Democratic Party nomination in the riding of Prince George ? Peace River, has called the Conservative Party response to the recent Throne Speech ?hypocritical? and ?an abuse of parliamentary privilege?. ?Jay Hill and the Conservatives called for a motion of non-confidence which would have put us into an immediate election then, the very next day, cried about not being ready for a spring election. Canadians have had enough of self serving antics like these.?

Hunter went on to comment that, ?the House of Commons is there to deal with the issues of the nation. But people like our MP just want to waste taxpayer time and money while they try to figure out who their leader is and what they stand for. Canadians need answers and solutions to the serious questions before us. Not a smoke and mirror show.?

Ironically, federal NDP leader Jack Layton has also called on Prime Minister Paul Martin to wait before dropping the writ. Layton wants the public inquiry into federal government spending irregularities to be completed before going to the polls. Hunter agrees but notes, ?the difference in reasoning is clear. The New Democratic Party wants to wait so that the public can be better informed about Liberal corruption and mismanagement. Jay Hill and company want to wait because, once again, they are asleep at the switch and not ready for a general election.?

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