NDP Calls for a Suspension of BC Rail Deal

Federal NDP candidate Michael Hunter has written to the Federal Competition Bureau asking that the sale of BC Rail be suspended until the RCMP investigation is complete. In an email letter dated April 08, 2004, Hunter writes, ?? I ask today that the Board move to suspend the transaction until the police investigation is complete and Canadians are assured that there was no wrong doing related to the purchase agreement.?

The letter also requests that the Competition Act be expanded so that the effects of a company?s sale on the labour market be made an allowable review by the Board. Current legislation does not provide for a review based on such criteria.

Hunter addressed the issue writing, ?? effects to the labour market as a result of a transaction (should) be considered where the Board determines that the national interest would be well served. This would further strengthen the credibility of Board decisions and help to raise awareness of issues within those communities impacted by any proceedings.?

The letter follows Hunter?s early morning discussions with BCR employees on Monday, April 5th. He and fellow candidate Rick Smith met workers as they arrived for shift. Hunter is representing the NDP in the federal riding of Prince George – Peace River; Smith is running for the party in Cariboo – Prince George.