NDP Campaign Begins in Tumbler Ridge

The NDP candidate for Prince George Peace River spent most of the first week near home in Tumbler Ridge. With a huge area to cover Michael Hunter knows it is a situation that will quickly change. ?We have activities going on across the riding but I have spent a few days early in the election knocking on doors in Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek,?

Hunter says the response has been very similar in both towns. ?People are tired of the continuing waste in Ottawa and want this Liberal government held to account for its actions, whether that be the gun registry, cuts to healthcare or the sponsorship scandal.?

With an office established in Tumbler Ridge, Hunter plans to be in Prince George on May 29th to open up an office there. It will be part of an extensive road trip that will cover most of the territory from Mackenzie to McBride and is something that Hunter says you just have to deal with. ?Voters expect you to knock on doors in every community and we intend to meet that commitment. If you are not willing to make the effort, how can voters count on you to look after things as their Member of Parliament??

Asked if there is one issue that is showing itself to be important to voters, Hunter is quick to respond. ?Trust,? he says. ?Integrity and believability. People want to know that you will do what you say. One person mentioned that candidates should quit promising things and simply say that we will work toward a declared goal to the best of our ability. Her comments were right on the mark.?

The NDP candidate is also quick to mention some of the things that he would support to help correct what Hunter calls ??a lack of integrity in the election process.? For him it all starts with set, four-year terms for federal governments. ?We want Canadians to get involved but won?t tell them when the election will be until the last moment. It is time to stop treating voters like children. It is time to end that kind of political manipulation. Simply establish a federal election every four years and be done with it.?

With a tight race going on in BC, Hunter feels the election will an exciting one for local residents. ?BC is completely open,? he says. ?Every candidate in every riding is going to have to earn their place in Ottawa.? ?There will be some upsets? he predicts, ?including one here in Prince George ? Peace River.?

The election date has been set for Monday, June 28th.