New Encyclopedias Just The Start

The dream of new encyclopedias for the Tumbler Ridge Public Library was dwindling before the close of 2006. Fundraisers had only raised a small portion of what was needed for the ultimate reference books. The library had several atlases, reference books, et cetera, but the out-dated books were last published with Canadian World Book, set of three volumes in 1985 and an in-depth encyclopedia set of 22 books from World Books in 1999 (published in United States).

As far as out-dated materials go, this may potentially thwart the education process. Two decades have passed since the last set of World Books was purchased and although the Internet is obviously a more up-to-the-minute reference guide, it can also be highly inaccurate depending on where you surf. Not only that, not every child has access to the Internet.

The recent purchase of the 2006 World Book published set, 22 books in total, makes certain that printed material is available to everyone. For those wishing to use the Internet, there is an exciting new opportunity for the library and cardholders; Internet subscriptions. This is new and innovative for Tumbler Ridge, already catching up to speed just by having new encyclopedias. Internet subscription will be made available within the year to the library first and then eventually anyone who has a library card in good standing. That means you can login at the library or even your own home, to access such sites as, associated directly with the published encyclopedias, only the internet site is updated daily. Library manager Michele Burton adds, ?There will be more Internet subscription (opportunities) in the future. This will be the first for Tumbler Ridge (Public Library).?

The book themselves are beautifully shown, with the option of traditional cover or ?spinescape?, which the Tumbler Ridge Public Library chose to have. The spinescape is an extended graphical theme that displays across the entire set to show the name World Book as well as artwork for this year?s premise ? Reading Through The Ages.

While the fundraising for this set of necessary books was difficult at best, the library was extremely grateful to have help in this project by the Tumbler Ridge Lion?s Club. ?They have been wonderful!? exudes Burton.

And for die-hard trivia buffs, the first submission in the A encyclopedia is, in fact, the letter A ? with a simple explanation of it being the first letter of the alphabet, followed by its many uses. While the last book in the set is a reference guide only, the last submission in the second to last volume of the set, for letter Z, is zygote (see fertilization). Isn?t it ironic that the last word of that volume would send you to the middle of the same volume, thus justifying the need for the set of encyclopedias. Now that?s elucidation. Look that one up!