New Equipment for Health Centre

The Tumbler Ridge Health Center Emergency Department recently received several new pieces of equipment which will significantly enhance services to the public. These items were donated by the Tumbler Ridge Health Center Foundation which has historically fund-raised to purchase equipment that is not allocated from Northern Health but which will benefit all community health care recipients.

The first item is the Philips Patient Transport Monitor (Cost $13,000) which will be used in the Center as well as for transferring acutely ill patients requiring Nurse/Doctor escort, by ambulance. It is comprehensive, compact and will replace multiple pieces of equipment which when required for the transfers, were no longer available in the center.

The second item is the Welch-Allyn Vital signs monitor (Cost $5000) which replaces a worn out irreparable machine. The Foundation depends on fund raising donations and sales of crafts, jewellery and numbered prints to raise money. Anyone who would like to help out with a donation or by joining the Foundation, please contact Bev Fournier, President TRHCF.

We would like to thank the following for their generous donations that made these purchases possible. Peoples Drug Mart, Dino Days, William Cooksley, Hill Computing, Nemi, RCMP Musical Ride, Duke Energy, Encana, Liz Pearce, Margaret Ash, Eileen Chamberlain, Flo Stirling, Allan & Rita Sims, Lions Club and all the people that donate knitting and crafts to sell in our gift shop.

Thank you also to the many supporters who regularly purchase gift items through the foundation which is an indirect way of donating and supporting the Health Center.