New Equipment for Tumbler Ridge Health Centre

The Health Center Foundation consists of a dedicated group of volunteers that are interested in supporting health care within our community and have worked tirelessly to raise funds to purchase equipment that we might not otherwise be able to acquire.

Under the leadership of Bev Fournier, (Chairwoman), the foundation has developed to new heights. With her business experience, enthusiasm and work ethic, the display cases in the health center have never looked better and it is a welcome addition to have the lovely numbered prints from Vancouver Island on display and for sale.

In the past six months the foundation has purchased several key items for the emergency department. The Welch Allyn Vital Signs monitor, at a cost of about $5,000, and the Phillips Intellivue Patient Transport Monitor at $13,000 will greatly help in patient care. The monitor will make transfers easier as it negates the need for four individual pieces of equipment. This is significant because there is not much room to spare in the back of the ambulance. It measures cardiac rhythm and rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen level.

Currently, the foundation is working towards the next project which is a new ECG machine. The current one is 20 years old and although it works fine at the moment, like all machines it will eventually fail. A backup is definitely needed and the MAC 5500 ECG machine by General Electric will cost about $16000. To start things off with a bang, the foundation members raised $3084.00 at their concession table during Grizfest. Michael Ekins has donated $20 and a donation of $100 has been received in memory of Keith Lucas. Shopeasy and the Lion?s Club have donated a total of $516.30. They will now be seeking donations from companies but private donations from concerned citizens are always welcome.

Any one wishing to join the foundation please contact Bev Fournier or Gail Neumann at the health center.