New Health Protection For Users Of Cell Phones & Electronics

A new product called the Foton R15 is now available in Canada and the US, a product which attaches to any electronic device and neutralizes their harmful effect on health.

?The Foton R15 is revolutionary in its neutralizing effect on harmful cell phone emissions,? said Steve Rison, president of CANRUS Ventures, the Canadian company which is introducing the Foton R15 to North America.

Many cell phone users have concerns about the possible health effects of their use. Researchers have been studying and testing the effects of electromagnetic fields for decades, and recent test results on cell phones show a correlation between cell phone use and health consequences to users. However, researchers have assumed that these effects are directly related to the electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones, and they have not considered the possibility that cell phones also produce non-electromagnetic fields which may be the real cause of these consequences to human health.

In new breakthrough research conducted by Dr. V. A. Nekrasov, he has demonstrated that non-electromagnetic fields are produced by cell phones, and indeed by all electronic devices which contain integrated circuits or microchips. Through independent testing it has been shown that these fields have a measurable and direct impact on human health and well-being, including to the immune, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems, to metabolism, brain function (memory and concentration), and fetal development, and increase the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, pneumonia, and Krohn?s disease.

Anyone who uses electronic devices, such as cell or cordless phones, laptop or desktop computers, or iPods and MP3 players, should get the protection that works, the Foton R15. Designed and manufactured by Dr. Nekrasov, the Foton R15 produces its own non-electromagnetic field which neutralizes the harmful emissions from electronic devices. For peace of mind ? the Foton R15 is the answer.

CANRUS Ventures is based in Dawson Creek, BC

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