New Host Announced for Banff Mountain Film Festival

Hosted by Northern Lights College (NLC) for the past nine years, the internationally acclaimed Banff Mountain Film Festival tour has become a traditional favourite in Tumbler Ridge. This year the hosts have changed hands and will be presented by the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (TRCAC).

This film tour, which showcases wonderful footage of panoramic outdoor scenes and activities from all over the globe, is always breathtaking and transcends you to the very place that is being filmed. It is truly awe-inspiring. As an obvious choice to become an arts and cultural venue, the film makes its way to Tumbler Ridge for an evening showing on December 7th. Tumbler Ridge has, past and present, been the most Northern location the film is shown.

In the past, the numbers in attendance have been minimally consistent, however TRCAC would love to see the film attract larger numbers, local as well as nearby communities. The tour of this film is the kind of event that people clamor to see and has gained worldwide recognition. To bring it here for the fortunate few would be a potential to appeal to the masses willing to travel to larger cities at greater distances for just such an opportunity.

The reason for the change-over in host is due the desire of Northern Lights College to return focus to its purpose within the community, education and student services. Maxine Osmond, Continuing Education Coordinator at the Tumbler Ridge Campus of Northern Lights College presented a report for TRCAC asking if it was something they might consider taking on. Indeed it was and in a fitting coincidence, the Banff Mountain Film Festival celebrates its 10th return to Tumbler Ridge, on this the 25th anniversary year of the town.

While the films are chosen for the community based on the kinds of films popular previously in the region, they are always magnificently photographed and are originally chosen from an impressive choice of dozens of films submitted to the Mountain Banff Film Festival. Each showing is a collection of several films in that same evening.

For NLC, one of the biggest challenges of bringing this event in was expense incurred. Fundraising attempts were barely covering the cost. TRCAC hopes to see an improvement in this area and asks that the community come together to see this wonderful venue continue. The Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) has been an invaluable assistance to the continuation of this event. They are dedicated and enthusiastic about a very treasured tradition that is comparable to films chosen for IMAX theaters universally.

Be sure to support this magnificent opportunity and spread the word to others. Tumbler Ridge has many opportunities that are worthy of much larger towns and cities. We need to support these events if we want to see them so close to home. While you can buy a ticket, pay the travel expense and then book a hotel room to see a concert in a larger city, you could also contentedly walk several blocks to see an international event, a visual wonderland, right in your own town. Anyone wishing to help with the Banff Mountain Film festival event in Tumbler Ridge may contact coordinator Sherry Berringer at 250-242-3369. All help is greatly appreciated.