New Karaoke Program for Junior Idol

kids karaoke

Savannah follows along with the words on-screen as she belts one out during karaoke on Friday.

Shirleen Dehaan

The Annual Tumbler Ridge Junior Idol competition is back, and this year a new karaoke program, also sponsored by the Community Arts Council, may be just what local kids need to get tuned up and turned on to this ten year anniversary edition of the popular Junior Idol Competition.

The Karaoke Program will be taking place every Friday afternoon at the Community Centre leading up to the Registration deadline for the Idol competition on April 5 2016, and is open to any youth ages five and up. Practice has already begun for some involved youth vocally preparing for the competition.

Erin Wanvig (formerly Hannah) has been actively involved all ten years of the event, as a emcee and vocal coach. She says “the new karaoke program came about in response to a need to rethink the program plan of another well-known annual event: the winter carnival”.

“The part of the carnival where we usually have a coffee house atmosphere with live musicians did not come to pass” says Wanvig. So she began a karaoke room. As it turned out, the majority of early participants were kids.

“It seemed an excellent opportunity to further build confidence in the young performers, to encourage them to join the annual TR Junior Idol Competition.” She says. In addition to encouraging possible competitors considering entering the competition, the new karaoke program is meant to be a fun venue. “All kids are welcome to attend regardless of plans to join the idol competition.”

Wanvig offers helpful hints for youth to consider when entering the competition.

“Song choice is absolutely a must for competitors,” she says. “Nothing makes me feel better than hearing a young person singing an age-appropriate song, with lyrics meant for their age and life experience.”

Being deeply rooted in the event and extremely committed since it first began in 2006, Wanvig has seen how important song selection can be when judges are determining which competitor will win in each of the age categories.

“Competiors should choose a song or style that best suits their voice,” she says. Not everyone’s voice is well suited to belt out a ballad and may be more suited to up-tempo songs, which have proven not the most popular style in past competitions.

All parts of the competition process (karaoke, audition, rehearsal sessions and performance) will take place at the Community Centre. The deadline for registration is April 5 before front desk closes, with auditions happening April 5 and 6, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. The Gold ticket announcement will happen April 10 at 3:00 pm. Rehearsals will be scheduled April 11–23, and the TR Junior Idol Show will take place April 24 at 1:00 pm.

Adults interested in volunteering can contact Wanvig via Tumbler Ridge Junior Idol Facebook page.