New Natural Resources Field Assistants trained

A cooperative effort between Doig River and Blueberry River First Nations and Northern Lights College has resulted in the training of a number of new Natural Resources Field Assistants.

The learners were recognized at a luncheon recently at the College?s Fort St. John campus. It was the final day of the 15-week program, and they were lauded for their accomplishments.

?Thanks to you for sticking it out. There were some struggles, but you proved something to yourselves,? said Chris Maundrell, the program instructor, and a biologist. ?There are lots of opportunities out there. Now, it?s just a matter of building on what you?ve learned.?

This was the first time that the College has offered the Natural Resources Field Assistant certificate. The curriculum was developed specifically for the program, which was delivered at the College?s Fort St. John campus. Funding was provided by the North East Native Advancing Society (NENAS).

Learners from Doig River and Blueberry River First Nations and instructor Chris Maundrell were recognized for participating in a new Natural Resources Field Assistant program at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John.

Twelve learners enrolled in the program, and the graduates were trained in the foundation skills needed for entry-level positions as crewmembers in the forestry, or oil and gas industry. The curriculum included: identifying tree species, reading properly a map and compass, working with aerial photos, finding yourself in the bush, and using GPS.

?We wanted to make it a real ?hands on? program,? Sehn said. ?There was theory, but it was more heavily focused on the practical aspects so students would finish with the most readily applicable skill set for direct employment in the field.?

The learners will be honoured at a special graduation ceremony later in October in Fort St. John. Sehn also invited the learners to the College?s Convocation in June.