New Ownership for Tumbler Ridge Art Gallery

For the visual artists in town, the very thought of TR Gallery closing its doors was heartbreaking. There is an endless supply of gifted artists in Tumbler Ridge and they have had the long-time challenge of lack of venues to display their works in. While the TR Arts Show Committee maintains the gallery space within the Community Centre, you can imagine that this space is not large enough to accommodate the growing number of those waiting to use it.

It was February 11th, 2005 when Maureen Sywolos had the grand opening of the shop she had converted from scrap booking into a boutique and gallery for Tumbler Ridge. She could identify with her fellow arts and crafts community that Tumbler Ridge would enjoy a shop of this nature, as well as providing fixtures for small gifts, walls for artists to hang pictures and painting on.

It has been narrowly saved by the visual artist?s Tumbler Ridge Artist Group (T.R.A.G.) This group will continue to hang and display their works of art, as well as manage the shop. Sywolos will now take residence in the back of the shop and plans to offer custom framing and take orders for those wishing to purchase scrap booking and stamping supplies from a catalogue. At present, the gallery will no longer be selling flowers, however they will continue to sell gifts, photography, books, scarves, and other types of small art.

In addition to taking on the gallery as a business, T.R.A.G. has secured dates for art showings and sales in Room three of the Community Centre during the last full weekend of each month, unless otherwise posted.

Currently there is a silent auction taking place at TR Gallery that will run from January 20-29th that will lead directly into the arts show slated for January 28 & 29th at the Community Centre. Sywolos is pleased to add that the auction will display outstanding bids, which they had not done in the past, allowing bidders the opportunity to bid higher. Those wishing further information on T.R.A.G. may contact Maureen Sywolos at 242-4174 or Mila Landsowne at 242-3389.

T.R.A.G. plans to unite with the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council.