New staff at Northern Lights College

New Staff at Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College recently hired three new employees at the Tumbler Ridge Campus in areas of administration, instructing and counseling.

Sharon Caisley (Administrative Clerk) will be assisting students with registration into programs and courses and provide information regarding courses, programs or events. She will also be assisting other staff members with administrative procedures.

Sherry Berringer (Instructor) instructs the Transition to Work Students. The Transition to Work Program delivers a series of four modules over seventeen weeks providing a Workplace Communications course, skill certification, preparation for and participation in two work experience placements, and a final Transition to Work course to prepare a one year employment/education plan.

Leanne Toews (Student Services Counsellor) assists students or potential students with advising and counselling services for career and personal planning toward attaining educational and career goals. Whether students are looking to maximize their use of the resources available to them or are looking for a way to deal with a problem interfering with their educational and career goals the counselor is available to lend a hand. Leanne will also be helping students with financial assistance.