New Store Features Tumbler Ridge Arts & Crafts

Beginning Saturday February 12th, residents and visitors can browse through a selection of locally made arts and crafts. Maureen Sywolos is meeting a community need for a unique gift and flower shop, as well as enhancing the downtown core.

More than 20 Tumbler Ridge artists and crafters unique work will be represented. ?I like to make Tumbler Ridge art not only accessible, but also affordable,? says Maureen, a crafter herself.

The new store will also feature low cost workshops and an art presentation programme.

?Tumbler Ridge?s Sleeping Beauty is waking up? says Mila Lansdowne, Maureen?s marketing advisor and coordinator.

A grand opening is planned, and an announcement will be posted in this newspaper in the next issue, on February 2nd.

The new store will be open daily (closed Sunday) from 11am to 6 pm. It is located at 112 Main Street, across from ShopEasy.

For more information call 242-0035.