New Subdivision for Tumbler Ridge

Responding to the changes inside and outside our community, the District of Tumbler Ridge takes action to provide current and future residents with better housing choices.

A unique process was initiated to incorporate input of community stakeholders and residents, guided by professional urban planners, for a new large lot development in Tumbler Ridge.

On Tuesday March 10th, 12 participants brought a broad spectrum of opinions to the charette (brainstorming) exercise held in the Town Hall. For six hours, the professionals from Kamloops-based Urban Systems guided the representatives from the District, the Council, industry, real estate and other businesses through a plan-development process. The Community planners Dylan Houlihan and Catherine Simpson with the urban designer Leighton Ginter introduced examples from other communities with the only intent to identify at first Tumbler Ridge-specific information. The agenda of the exercise included the identification of a demand for new development, the options of available properties and the unique values of Tumbler Ridge as seen by the residents. Based on these findings the exercise had three segments as understanding Tumbler Ridge unique values and how they influence the planned development; identification of the market, and what kind of vision can be developed. Preceding the Tuesday exercise data was collected and Tumbler Ridge housing gaps were identified. Our community needs senior?s housing, large residential lots with different style of houses, smaller/affordable housing, lots that allow storage and garage space as well as accessible housing for people with mobility issues. The Urban Systems consultants presented the charette results in the Open House through clear displays the draft of the guiding principles and conceptual plans and maps of the preferred development parcels. The tendency goes to the already for future development designated area between the Monkman Way and the residential area on the ?middle bench?. The residents visiting the Open House were encouraged to make comments, suggestions and to answer questionnaire to the planned project. The next steps will be performed by the consultant team that will incorporate the additional information to refine the vision and establish development guidelines. Urban Concepts will be back in a few months to make a presentation to the town council. The final step of their work will be to prepare a marketing package for the District to attract a developer.

For more information contact Ray Proulx, Economic Development Office at 250-242-4242 or visit