New Theme Song for Ronald McDonald House

Brian and Sharon Bray have been residents of Tumbler Ridge in 1982 when the town was established. Their son Luke who was born in 1999, has Cerebral Palsy and they have been making trips to Alberta since his birth. This neurological disorder appears in infancy or early childhood and permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination. Luke, now 17, has had several operations over the years at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. While Luke has his operations, the Bray?s stay at the Edmonton Ronald McDonald House.

In September of 2005, Luke required major leg and hip surgery. After a six week wait for his recovery, Brian asked Ronald McDonald House manager Joan Hayes if the Edmonton location had a theme song. Hayes replied that they did, but that it was a bit dated. Bray suggested that he would write a new one.

Bray created the song titled ?Small Hearts, Big Dreams?. After listening to the new song, Hayes called Beta Sound Studios to have it recorded. Bray said that coincidentally, the owner of the recording studio was the same person who wrote the original theme song for Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton in the 1990?s. On October 15th, 2005, the contract for the recorded song sold to Ronald McDonald House.

Hayes said that Ronald McDonald House will be raising funds over the next year in order to expand their location. The campaign is called ?Small Hearts, Big Dreams? which emulates the title of the theme song Bray wrote. The expansion will accommodate many more families in need of a place to stay. Bray said there are seven families in the Tumbler Ridge area alone that use Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton.

Brays? song is on the promotional DVD for Ronald McDonald House which can also be heard on the website. Proceeds for the theme song are shared equally between Edmonton Ronald McDonald House and Luke Bray.