New Tumbler Ridge Venture – C&V Modular Homes

Lorne and Annie Clarkson, accompanied by partners Nick and Sandi Vandermolen are just completing the setup of Tumbler Ridge?s first modular home, located in the Steeprock Trailer Park. The homes are purchased from Winalta Homes in Edmonton, who are known as affordable home builders. The homes have 2×6 foot construction, and are comparable to local housing properties. They are 1200 square feet, with three bedrooms and two baths, and include all five appliances.

Clarkson has long been associated with the Peace Region, having his own company in Fort St. John for many years. This venture is very much a ?hands on business? with all four of the partners taking a leading role in getting the homes ready for occupancy. Clarkson says that the number of modulars brought into Tumbler Ridge will be driven by market demand, but he plans to bring in an additional two homes before the end of the year.

These houses in the Steeprock Mobile Home community are classed as family dwellings and will be sold as such. Steeprock Manager Carolyn Tanis stated in an earlier interview that the modulars would not be turned into a camp facility.

The arrival of the home sin Tumbler Ridge is exciting, and is another sign of the prosperity that Tumbler Ridge and the Peace Region may expect in the next few years.

It would seem that for most Tumbler Ridge businesses if asked, that they will respond with a heartfelt statement that they are really busy, a sentiment that is echoing throughout the Peace.

Clarkson?s company appears to share that belief in the regions prosperity, making a substantial investment in this community.

Inquiries about the modular homes may be made to Brenda Banham, Dawson Creek Realty at 242-3366.