New Venue for PeaceFest September 1st

The grassroots music festival known as Peace Fest turns three this year. To celebrate, the festival has moved from Pouce Park in Pouce Coupe to the stage at Pioneer Village in Dawson Creek.

?We?re really looking forward to this,? says Al Cameron, who sits on the board of Pioneer Village. ?We put in a stage a few years? back, but it hasn?t seen much use. We?re hoping that this will not only be a showcase of local talent, but will be the beginning of more live music, both at Pioneer Village and in Dawson.?

Festival organizer Jonathan Simmons says he started the festival to provide a venue for local musicians, as well as a way to raise funds for charity. ?At the time we were sponsoring a village in Africa, but for the second year, we decided to use the funds raised to help build a soup kitchen in Dawson Creek. We wanted to tie the festival even stronger to the community. It features local musicians and vendors, so why not support a local charity as well??

This year, part of the funds raised by the festival will go to support Special Olympic Athletes from Dawson Creek and part will go to upkeep of Pioneer Village.

The festival will present an eclectic blend of music, from opera to rock, from blues to bluegrass. It begins with a pancake breakfast at Sudaten Hall, followed by an auction, and then the music festival, which is expected to run from noon until 11:00pm. There will be plenty of ethnic food to sample during the course of the festival, too. ?Tickets are only 15 bucks,? points out Simmons. That?s over ten hours of entertainment for the price of a movie and a popcorn.?

In addition to bands and performers out of Dawson Creek, there will be musicians from Fort St. John and Tumbler Ridge.

And if there are other local bands interested in performing? ?We still have a couple spaces left, so give me a call.