News around T.R.S.S

The junior basketball team?s training has really paid off. Last week they played a game against the Dawson Creek Coyotes. The Tumbler Ridge Kodiaks beat them by a long shot. This year we really have a team to be quite proud of. It seems like basketball is our new main sport.

On Valentine?s Day we had quite the day. We celebrated Jon Hancock day, by seeing who could the most signatures on their shirts. Then the whole School was gathered in the gym to watch an amazing African Performance. They played drums, sang, danced and acted. They could be Canada?s next triple sensation. This was one Valentine?s Day we?ll never forget.

Leadership has been really busy lately as well. We?re working really hard on the yearbook, selling Purdy?s chocolates and putting on Spirit Weeks. We?d also like to thank all of our sponsors that have supported us for the yearbook.