NEWS FROM SCHOOLS, Little Prairie Elementary

P.A.L.S. and Ready, Set, Learn

Pals and Ready Set, Learn session was held on February 20 at 1:15. This was a time for children ages 3-5 to come to school and participate in fun learning activities. It was also an opportunity for parents to come and learn and discover how to help their students prepare for school and to connect with other parents.

Looking forward to Spring

The grade 7 students will soon be selling flower bulbs for spring planting. Bulbs will be on sale from Feb. 15 until March 5. Prices range from $5 – $15. This fund raiser is helping them earn a trip to Vancouver and Victoria later in the school year. Not only will you be helping these students, you will be beautifying your yard and community.

Little Prairie Science Fair was held Feb. 24. Intermediate students participated in this fun learning event and the primary students were involved, just not in the judging. All students in grades 4-7 who received 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for their Science Fair projects in all the elementary schools in Chetwynd are invited to showcase their Science Fair projects at Don Titus School on Friday, February 27 from 12:45 – 1:45. This will NOT be a judged event but rather an opportunity for us to show everyone in Chetwynd how great our students are. Each student will receive a certificate showing they were involved in the event. The public will be invited to attend as well as the local media so Photo Consent Forms will need to be up to date.

Character Trait

For the month of January, the students have been focused on Perseverance. The character trait focus for February is Responsibility.

The Kindness Factor

This month is often associated with love and romance. Here at Little Prairie we are focusing on acts of Kindness. Students, staff and parents are encouraged to engage in more purposeful acts of kindness and consideration than they normally would. We believe that this will make the4 school a better place to be so let?s all get caught up in kindness this month.