NH the first BC health region to launch MOREOB labour/delivery patient safety program

Northern Health has launched an ongoing patient safety program for nurses, doctors and midwives working in labour and delivery. The health region is the first in British Columbia to implement the MOREOB program, developed by Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC).

?Government is committed to ensuring that mothers and their newborns receive the best care possible,? said Health Minister George Abbott. ?We look forward to seeing how this program can help benefit patients.?

?Patient safety is a key priority for Northern Health,? said Dr. David Butcher, Northern Health vice-president of medicine. ?The MOREOB program will help us to build a strong foundation for patient safety and quality improvement throughout our organization, especially in our smaller facilities where staff work not only in obstetrics but also deliver many other acute care services.?

The MOREOB program aims to cut risk factors associated with labour and delivery. The program works to build strong team relationships, enhance communication skills, and provide staff with ongoing practice of skills necessary in emergency situations.

Nurses, doctors and midwives train together throughout the approximately three-year long voluntary program. Training includes team building exercises, clinical workshops and skill drills, on-site safety assessments, and patient satisfaction surveys.

?We know clinical error in obstetrical care has a tremendous impact on patient outcomes and health care providers,? said Dr. Ken Milne, SOGC associate executive vice-president for the Patient Safety Division. ?MOREOB was designed to provide ongoing patient safety support and training in the hospital work setting. Having a curriculum based on best practices, and patient safety and systems knowledge concepts, that have been shared by healthcare professionals has been pivotal to the program?s success.?

Northern Health received funding assistance for the MOREOB program from the BC Reproductive Care Program (BCPRCP), a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority, through the Ministry of Health. The program is being provided to obstetrical health professionals throughout the region.

?Patient safety is a provincial priority. We are pleased to be working with Northern Health to help them lead the way as the first BC health authority to fully implement the MOREOB program,? said John Andruschak, BCRCP program director. ?We congratulate NH in taking on this commitment and providing an opportunity for BCRCP to fully evaluate the program?s impact and benefits.?

?We would like to extend a big thank you to all staff who have joined this program,? said Cathy Ulrich, Northern Health vice-president of clinical services and chief nursing officer. ?Their efforts and dedication have helped to make this initiative a reality for our health region.?