NH toll-free line and e-mail to support new BC Tobacco Control Act changes

Northern Health has launched two new resources to help northern BC residents understand British Columbia?s new Tobacco Control Act, which will take effect March 31st, 2008. A new toll-free number and new email address will offer information on the legislation as well as a way for northerners to register their concerns about violations of the new rules.

Health authorities are responsible for enforcing provincial tobacco laws. The new legislation expands the role of Northern Health tobacco enforcement officers to include enforcement of regulations on smoking in public places and on where tobacco products can be sold. Tobacco enforcement officers will work with retailers, business and property owners to ensure they understand and are complying with the new Tobacco Control Act provisions.

Enforcement of the new tobacco laws for smoke-free public places will be complaint-driven. Northern Health has established the toll free line 1-877-617-6777, and the email address tobacco.control@northernhealth.ca for Northern BC residents to contact NH?s Tobacco Reduction Team, and to obtain information on tobacco control, reduction and cessation resources.

BC?s new Tobacco Control Act bans smoking in most public places. There are also new rules around retail display and promotion of tobacco products; including a ban on displays or promotion in stores that allow minors, and restrictions on where tobacco products can be sold. More information on the improvements to BC?s tobacco control laws are available at the website www.health.gov.bc.ca/tobacco www.northernhealth.ca.