NLC undertaking corrective measures with OFA Level 1 courses

FORT NELSON ? Northern Lights College is undertaking corrective measures in the aftermath of a self-reported situation regarding a number of Occupational First Aid Level 1 courses offered over the past two years.

Due to an instructional error, individuals who attended the OFA Level 1 course offered through the College?s Fort Nelson campus between Aug. 1, 2005 and June 25, 2007 did not complete a written exam. The written exam is one of the requirements to pass the course, and achieve full certification through WorkSafe B.C.

As a result, the OFA Level 1 certification cards individuals received from those courses are now void. Affected individuals are being asked to return their cards to the Fort Nelson campus, either in person or by mail. A receipt will be issued, and the certificate reinstated upon successful completion of the written exam.

Approximately 880 people are affected by the situation. College staff will be attempting to contact each affected person ? by phone and/ or registered mail ? according to contact information listed on their registration forms.

When contacted, each affected individual will be informed of the corrective measures that are being offered by the College.

The affected individuals will have the following options:

i) Challenge the exam (write the exam without retaking the course). If study material is required, it will be provided at no cost. If the challenge is unsuccessful, the individual will be offered the opportunity to take a Level 1 course ? at no tuition cost;

ii) If language is a difficulty in completing a written exam, an oral exam will be offered. If unsuccessful with the oral exam, an opportunity will be offered to participate in a Level 1 course ? at no tuition cost;

iii) Or individuals can participate in a course at the Fort Nelson campus, or any OFA Level 1 course offered at any NLC campus – at no tuition cost. Upon successful completion of the Level 1 course in its entirety, a new OFA Level 1 certificate will be issued.

The College has invigilators in place and those individuals who wish to challenge the exam can do so effective immediately. As well, for those individuals who wish to re-take the full OFA Level 1 course, courses will be offered in Fort Nelson starting early next week.

?This is an unfortunate situation that has arisen,? said College president D. Jean Valgardson. ?The College wants to assure all affected individuals that they did nothing to create this situation, and that everything possible will be done to facilitate the proper completion of their OFA Level 1 certification.?

The possibility that some certifications may not have been completed fully was discovered by the College?s Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor. WorkSafe B.C. was informed, and the College has been working in consultation with WorkSafe B.C. and the course instructors to correct the situation.

If you think you may be one of the individuals affected by this situation, or you want information on challenging the exam or re-taking the Level 1 course, contact the Fort Nelson campus of Northern Lights College at (250) 774-2741 or 1-866-463-6652.