Noel Gas project near Kelly Lake passes first stage approval process

(left) Craig Fazakas of North South Consultants conducts water and fish monitoring last fall as part of BP Canada?s program of environmental studies for the proposed Noel natural gas project in northeast BC, about 60 km south of Dawson Creek and approximately 10 km west of Kelly Lake. The proposed project has reached a milestone by passing the first stage of BP?s two-stage internal approval process; the company anticipates making a decision on final approval of the project in June 2008. Over the next six months, BP will be taking the next steps to prepare for potential implementation of the project, including pursuing detailed engineering work, reviewing cost estimates, developing construction schedules, requesting bids from qualified contractors and suppliers and finalizing commercial agreements.

An estimated 132 wells are to be drilled over 10 years. Project life is 30-plus years and extensive environmental assessment has been done.