Northern Health Advisory

Northern Health advises residents to take well water precautions in areas of flooding or potential flooding.

Northern Health is advising residents living in areas with flooding or potential flooding to take safety measures if they have their own water


“If a property becomes flooded or there is flooding nearby, well water may become contaminated with surface water,” said Lucy Beck, Regional Director, Public Health Protection. “In these situations, residents should take precautions and assume that the water in their home is not safe to drink.”

In the event of flooding, residents should have their water supply checked for contamination. In response to these emergency circumstances, Northern Health will provide water sample bottles for residents who have been impacted by the flooding. Residents can pick up these bottles at local health units across the North; in Prince George, bottles are available at the public health protection office (listed in the Blue Pages of your phone book).

Until water has been confirmed safe for drinking, residents should:

? Obtain bottled water or water from another source that is known to be safe;

? Boil water for at least one minute; or

? Disinfect water with unscented liquid chlorine bleach. Add eight drops of bleach to one gallon of clear water (if the water is cloudy, double the amount of bleach). Thoroughly mix and let stand for 30 minutes.

Residents in an area where flooding has taken place should disinfect their wells. For details on how to disinfect, contact your local environmental health officer or visit the following website:

For more information about maintaining safe drinking water, or for residents concerned about cleaning up their homes after a flood, call your local environmental health officer. You can also visit the following websites: